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News Updates:

  • New 8 week course coming this autumn: ‘Cultivating the Boundless Heart – the Brahma Viharas as a way of looking’, which will be led by Brigid Avison and Kathryn Tulip click here
  • We will be inviting attendees to bring vegetarian or vegan packed lunches rather than bring and share for 2019 retreat days. click here
  • Venerable Canda, based in Oxford, is offering Sutta discussion on Friday evenings which are open to all click here
  • To listen to the talk Venerable Canda gave at a previous retreat please click here
  • Venerable Canda, who will be leading a day for us in May 2019, has just moved to Oxford and would appreciate any support from the wider community click here
  • Recently some teachers from Gaia House and other dharma practitioners have been engaging in recent civil disobedience pressing for more action to be taken to curb climate change. Extinction Rebellion is a new grassroots initiative which included peaceful actions last month in London as well as other places in the UK click here.
  • Dharma and non-violent direct action: video showing dharma practitioner Yanai Postelnik in conversation with Martin Aylward about his recent experiences of direct action with Extinction Rebellion click here
  • Sunday Sangha monthly social meetups for 2019 in Oxford click here
  • Latest news about Gaia House’s Building Appeal click here
Please Note: the 2019 retreat booking form is now available to download. Day retreats can also be booked directly via our Eventbrite link below.

Oxford Insight Meditation (formerly known as Oxford Gaia House Meditation Retreats) offers a programme of silent day retreats led by teachers associated with Gaia House, a retreat centre in Devon which offers silent meditation retreats in the Buddhist tradition.

Our day retreats in Oxford offer an opportunity to explore both sitting and walking meditation practices in a supportive environment. All the retreats are suitable for adults, beginners as well as those with more experience of meditation practice. If you have any health concerns you may wish to check with your GP before attending.

We are committed to creating an inclusive retreat space. We welcome people irrespective of religious or political beliefs, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability and culture.

Use the tabs above to see more information, including the Retreat Programme for 2019.

UPDATE: Online booking is now available for our retreats. Please see the section on Attending a retreat, or visit our online booking site. Please note that all future eventbrite booking pages will be in our new name – oxfordinsightmeditation.org


Videos of some previous talks can be found on the Videos Page, and there are other Resources that are also available.

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