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Venerable Canda Looking for Lodgings

Venerable Canda, who will be leading a day for us in May 2019, is looking for a short-term let as a Bhikkhuni residence from January to mid-June 2019, and Oxford would be ideal.

Below is her message, in case you know of anywhere suitable:

Bhikkhuni Ven Canda and her supporters are currently looking for a small furnished house or apartment to rent (or borrow) for five or six months as a Bhikkhuni residence, from January to mid-June 2019. It will need three bedrooms and a reception room or lounge, large enough to host groups of up to ten people for Dhamma discussion/volunteer meetings.

Ideally the flat or small house would be located in a reasonably quiet area and within two miles of a train station. Our preferred areas are Totnes, Brighton/Hove, or Oxford, as we have supporters in these areas, but if the right thing came up elsewhere we would consider it.

If you own or know of a suitable place through your networks that we could rent short term, we would be very grateful to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing us at

This item was posted on November 22, 2018.