What to bring


Each one-day retreat will be a day of sustained meditation. The hall is heated but uncarpeted, so please bring warm clothing, and a mat or rug plus meditation stool or cushions if you wish to sit on the floor. There are chairs for use too if you prefer– these are the plastic stackable kind, so you may wish to bring a cushion or two for padding. We also have a number of foam wedges available to borrow on the day – these are also available for purchase at £3.50 each (cost price).

Warm clothing

Wear or bring warm clothing as your body may cool down during sitting periods on day retreats. You may also wish to bring slippers or warm socks. Footwear and coats can be left at the front of the hall.

Vegetarian lunch to share NB: Please read below for changes in 2019

Please bring a vegetarian dish to share for lunch (which means no red or white meat, or fish) – we particularly welcome vegan options (foods free from eggs, dairy or other animal products).This should be something that does not require heating. Plates and cutlery will be provided. The meal will be in silence. There is also a fridge for use. A selection of tea, herbal drinks, milk and soya milk will be provided on the day. Please note that from January 2019 we will no longer be having bring and share lunches. We will, instead, be trialling for one year, people to bring their own packed lunches. This we hope will reduce the setting up/clearing up of the lunch, and increase time for practising meditation. 


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