Oxford Insight Meditation Bookings manager – volunteer needed

We run a very popular and appreciated programme of meditation day-retreats and, to support this, the role of bookings manager is crucial.

In order to allow some of our volunteers to take on new administrative roles within the Oxford Insight Meditation charitable group, we are seeking a new volunteer to take on the role of bookings manager.

What does the booking manager do?

We receive bookings primary through an online account with the service Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/), which is linked to Paypal to process payments. The main role of the bookings manager is to monitor the Eventbrite account for activity that needs action – for example, refund requests, cancellations, and to pay monthly fees that are due to Eventbrite by transferring money from the linked Paypal account.

The bookings manager also receives, by post, a small number of cash or cheque bookings, and enters these bookings manually into the Eventbrite system. Cash and the cheques are then posted or handed on to another committee member to be deposited.

Finally, the booking manager is responsible for sending some emails to attendees via the Eventbrite account, and preparing the list of attendees on the day before a retreat.

How much time does it take?

In the average week, this role requires less than 30 minutes. In the week prior to a retreat the workload is higher, closer to one hour in total. This is because (i) in those weeks there are often more cancellations and re-bookings, (ii) the bookings manager sends out an email to all attendees via the Eventbrite system, reminding them that they have booked a place on that retreat, and (iii) on the Friday before a retreat the bookings manager would usually generate the list of people who are attending, and either bring it to the retreat or email it to one of the other committee members.

Once a year, the bookings manager creates a new Eventbrite page for the upcoming year’s retreats. This task can take a couple of hours to complete, but is made easier by the fact that Eventbrite allows you to copy and then revise previous events, so much of this work is already done.

What skills are needed?

Intermediate level of computer literacy (e.g. can work with very simple spreadsheets, comfortable with user-friendly online software, emailing)

Good eye for detail

Good interpersonal skills

An interest in supporting our work organising meditation retreats!

What support is available?

Most of the tasks associated with bookings management are well supported by the services provided by Eventbrite and Paypal.  For example, it usually only takes a few clicks to issue a refund through the Paypal system, or pay the monthly Eventbrite fees. Both systems are easy to use and the previous bookings manager (Amy) can answer questions.

And what’s it like, to be in this role?

The efficiency of the systems and processes makes the role satisfying and it is not laborious. It’s also a rewarding role, because of the contact with retreat attendees, which is often enjoyable and gives a sense of really contributing to the retreats. People express a great deal of gratitude for our work.


This item was posted on September 6, 2018.