An evening session with Insight meditation teacher Anushka Fernandopulle Sunday 9th August 5-6.30pm online

We are very happy to welcome US-based Insight meditation teacher Anushka Fernadopulle to lead this evening meditation session for Oxford Insight Mediation. The session will include a guided meditation, a short dharma talk and an opportunity to ask questions about your practice.

In the spirit of the Insight meditation tradition, Anushka will offer her teaching for free and we invite you to make a ‘dana’ donation to support her to continue offering the teachings in this way. As a teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition Anushka does not receive a salary or payment for her teaching, but relies entirely on our generous donations for support.

Donations to Anushka can be made online via paypal. “Send Money” to You will need a paypal account to do this. If you don’t wish to open a paypal account, then please contact us for information on how to make your donation.

Anushka Fernandopulle has trained in Buddhist meditation for over 30 years, primarily Vipassana or Insight Meditation. After studying Buddhism at Harvard, she spent four years in full-time meditation training in the US, India and Sri Lanka. Anushka was invited to teach Dharma in 1998 and completed a four year meditation teacher training program with Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg and other leading Western Buddhist meditation teachers. She joined the Teacher’s Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in California in 2011. Her work has been featured in publications including Tricycle, Lion’s Roar, Turning Wheel and Inquiring Mind. She has been involved in movements for social justice and civil rights all her life and has been fortunate to work with many great community organizations. She has a lifelong passion for social justice, music, arts, nature and the life of the city. For more info please see

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