Love and Rage: A Dialogue of Liberation with Lama Rod Owens and Mama D Ujuaje Friday 24th July 7-9pm UK time, online

This is a unique opportunity to hear Lama Rod Owens talking about his new book Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation through Anger with London-based facilitator and activist Mama D Ujuaje.

We can’t heal what we don’t acknowledge, but acknowledgment can be painful and takes work, so we need effective tools and safe spaces where all feel welcome” – Lama Rod Owens

In a time when the politics of anger—who gets to be angry, how, when and at whom—infuses every institutional and cultural sphere, Lama Rod Owens offers a radical re-envisioning of a deeply timely topic in his new book, Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation Through AngerLove and Rage will resonate with many: young adults, those living in marginalized bodies, POC, political organizers, activists, Buddhists, and anyone who wants to metabolize or harness their anger for change.

White supremacy has long necessitated that Black rage be suppressed, repressed, or denied, often as a means of survival, a literal matter of life and death. In Love and Rage, Lama Rod Owens shows how this unmetabolized anger –and the grief, hurt, and transhistorical trauma beneath it – needs to be explored, respected, and fully embodied to heal from heartbreak and walk the path of liberation.

This is not a book about bypassing anger to focus on happiness, or a road map for using spirituality to transform the nature of rage into something else. Instead, it is one that offers a potent vision of anger that acknowledges and honors its power as a vehicle for radical social change and enduring spiritual transformation.

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