Sacred Places, a day of practice and wholesome action in your location and online 19 September, 2020

There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” – Wendell Berry

Please read below for information about this day, which is being run and hosted by If you are interested in this day, please contact them directly via their website. Please note that Oxford Insight Meditation is not organising this event.

For many of us, the pandemic has highlighted our appreciation and gratitude for nature and for community.  This day is an opportunity to bring that gratitude into action, whilst coming together as a community of care across the globe. 

Sanghaseva now are hosting this day 19 September to make a difference.

From beaches to cycling paths, from community gardens to the areas just outside our doors; we can make a difference through bringing our practice and our care out unto the earth we share.

We’ll meet online to harmonise in our shared intention to act on behalf of nature, and to also share our personal intentions for the natural area near to us that is calling for a clean up. Then with a deep feeling of connection in our hearts we’ll disperse out into the world to spend a few hours in service to the earth, before regathering as a community again.

On this distant but connected retreat we have the spirit of Sangha (community) supporting us in our spirited Seva (service).
We also invite local sitting groups to gather in clusters and work together. If you haven’t heard from your sangha about this idea, do feel free to suggest they join this delightful project.
Learn more and register at: