Dharma Seed
Dharma Seed offers a huge and easy to access library of dharma talks and guided meditations from Insight Meditation teachers from all over the world.

Audio Dharma
Collection of dharma talks by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella and various guest speakers at the Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City, California. The talks are freely available to listen to or to download.

If you are newer to meditation you may find the resources below helpful:

Jake Dartington

Introducing Insight Meditation – a 6 week introductory course with video talks and guided meditations, which you can start any time.

Yanai Postelnik 

Introductory talk and guided meditation (36 mins)

Tara Brach

Guided meditations for those new to meditation

Martine Batchelor 

A series of short introductory videos (5-10 minutes) on meditation