Renowned meditation teacher and monk Ajahn Brahmali will be touring the UK from Jun 12th to 16th, giving a talk and leading a day retreat in Oxford, in aid of the new Bhikkhuni monastery, Anukampa Grove, which is in Boars Hill near Oxford.

On Friday 14th June, from 7-8:45pm, he will be leading a talk called, “Making Peace with Your InnerCritic” at the Leonard Wolfson Auditorium.

– Is there a little voice inside you, telling you that you are not good enough or that you got it wrong again? This voice of the inner critic can torment us, reminding us of our insignificant flaws and making us blind to all our wonderful qualities and strengths. In this talk, Ajahn Brahmali will help us learn how to recognise the voice of the inner critic and undermine its power to sap our joy. Through the skillful use of perception and thought, we will learn to make peace with ourselves and nurture our potential for Awakening.



On Saturday 15th June, 10am-5pm, he will be leading a day retreat on “Sila, the Foundation of the Path“.

– We sometimes struggle with our meditation practice, but have we looked carefully at the well-structured teachings of the Buddha? He describes the stages of the path to Enlightenment clearly, and it all begins witih sila, ethics. The Buddha said that stillness founded on virtue is of great fruit and benefit:

“Sila paribhavito samadhi, mahapphalo hoti mahanisamsa”

DN 16, Mahaparinibbana Sutta

Drawing on the early Buddhist texts and his own extensive experience, Ajahn Brahmali will describe how to develop beautiful qualities such as generosity, kindness and harmlessness that give rise to blameless bliss. Empowered by these qualities the mind becomes so energised and bright, that meditation happens naturally in a way that leads to freedom.

About Ajahn Brahmali:

A close disciple of Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Brahmali’s joy-infused delivery and extensive knowledge and experience of Buddhist practice helps us to forge a closer relationship with the Buddha and his teachings, that speak straight to our hearts and our daily lives.

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