Stephen Fulder – The Non-Dual Buddha (Oct 8th online)


London Insight Meditation is offering an online event with Stephen Fulder on October 8th (3-6pm) on the theme of “The Non-Dual Buddha”.


We have a tendency to regard meditation and Buddhist practice in terms of letting go of patterns, habits and difficulties that limit us. This gives priority to the First and Second Noble Truths, and implies that there is a goal that requires effort to reach. Non-dual teachings would see practice from the perspective of the Third Noble Truth, the truth of awakening. It is as if we parachute down to the top of the mountain rather than a long slog up to the peak.


In this online event we will explore how that might feel, for example how thoughts can be regarded as invitations rather than distractions. We will relate to the way the Buddha taught non-duality.


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